Why Sales And Marketing Is Considered As An Important Subject In Businesses

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Sales and marketing is weighed as the major activity in businesses because effective sales and marketing will lead to the higher ROI and profitability. Most the organizations dedicate specific staff and departments for the purpose of marketing. In businesses sales and marketing is considered as the key of success if the business is doing marketing in a right way. Marketing of any business is highly depending upon the business processes, business researches, business strategies and finances. Marketing department can never be work in isolation from other departments of business. Integration and information sharing between the departments is highly important. Marketing and sales department produces the sales forecast so, operations department has to produce items according to the sales forecast. Every department of the business is interlinked with each other directly or indirectly. Finance department has to issue finances according to the sales forecast and Human resource department has to deploy employees according to the requirement. Marketing is all about the understanding of the consumer need and fulfill their needs in timely manners so, the bonding between research and development department and marketing department has immensely important. R&D department has to work very closely with marketing department in order to determine the needs of the customers and to ensure the fulfilment of those needs. Marketing is all about developing the interest of the clients and customers in your product and services.

Functions of sales and marketing department:

Sales and marketing discipline is considered as the vast discipline that includes pricing, customer services, R&D, sales and communication. Small businesses are highly focused on their sales once they are started getting good ROI’s then they will start focusing on their marketing functions. However, large businesses are highly focused on their marketing department. Marketing department is known as the big umbrella under this umbrella sales, customer servicing, advertising, promotions and public relations have been managing. Sales department actually states the feedbacks and reviews of the customers to the marketing department in order to meet the expectation of the customers in a right manner. Sales and marketing people in any organization always work parallel. Both of the departments are highly depended on each other. In small businesses, mostly sales managers have managing the issues relevant to the marketing and making the marketing strategies due to in sufficient resources. Large businesses have different marketing and sales department that work efficiently to meet the objectives of the organization.


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