Tired Of Strong Medicine And Side Effects?

Usually those who practice medicine know how dangerous some of the prescription drugs, laser therapy and radiation therapy are, but never disclose this to their patients. The danger of side effects from western medicine is reason enough to choose a natural way of holistic treatment that is not as harmful.

For those who suffer, from muscular discomfort, such as neck and back pain, muscular spasms and muscular cramps, remedial massage therapy can provide healing. The technique of the massage is to locate the area that is damaged, and apply pressure, to the skin, by using oil, which stimulates blood supply to the area, while allowing the toxins, in the muscles to be removed. This procedure, will enable mobilization, of the joints, and ease muscular pain and discomfort, and promote repairing of tissue, while providing therapeutic relaxation. Massage therapy is a holistic method of treatment that treats the whole body, as much as naturopathic medicine. It’s quite different to deep tissue massage, in the sense that if offer greater benefits when applied correctly, than deep tissue massage would.

Naturopathy, is another holistic method of treating sickness and disease, and can restore balance, that is not only physiological, but is also psychological and structural. Naturopathic medicine seeks to diagnose the root cause of illness, treatment of illness and prevention of illness. There are six foundational principles behind naturopathic medicine. The first is that it recognizes the inherent self healing process, in every human being. The second is to identify the root cause and treat it in order to cure it rather than merely suppress the symptoms. The third rule is to ‘do no harm’. Naturopathic physicians are very careful as to not to harm their patients, and therefore do not use medicinal substances, that can have harmful side effects. They also promote self responsibility by teaching patients, to take care of their bodies and wellbeing.

Naturopathic physicians also treat the whole person, which involves, physical, mental, emotional, and social well being. Lastly they recognize that prevention is better than cure. Therefore they help prevention of disease, by assessing heredity and susceptibility to disease, and applying intervention methods, so as to prevent illness. As naturopathic medicine is personalized, and takes patient preferences into consideration, it is an ideal alternative approach to treat disease.Naturopathic medicine includes, nutritional medicine, botanical medicine, and naturopathic physical medicine, and other prescription medicine, which are far safer than Modern western medicinal drugs. Additionally western medication carries a lot of unwanted side effects. They can even have deadly consequences. Sometimes, these drugs can be part of the problem, rather than a solution to the problem. Therefore, it is better to forego modern western medicine and try a more natural approach to health and wellbeing.

Danielle Chambers