Self-Help Guide To Caring For Your Feet

Who needs a salon these days when all the treatment and pampering your feet require to be strong, healthy and gorgeous are right there in the house? Here are some tips on how to DIY your way to great feet.

Seek Help

If your feet have calluses or bunions, seek for a great medical help immediately. There are clinics that offer adult and paediatric podiatry exclusively so you can consult doctors trained to identify problems with the feet and treat them. There are plenty of home remedies but it’s better to see a doctor because medicines can cure hardened skin and lesions better and without scars. It will also reduce the risk of recurrence.


Our feet dry out quickly because they are always so exposed to the elements. Soak your feet in warm water at least twice a week and use a moisturizing lotion every night after a bath to help the dry skin (especially on the heel) recover. The feet sheds dead skin cells faster than any other part of the body so there may be a lot of build-up. Scrub your feet while washing to make sure all the dead skin falls off otherwise all the lotion in the world won’t help – it won’t be absorbed properly.

Princess Treatment

If you want to do a pedicure then forget the salon; soak your feet for about 10 minutes in warm water and then take an orange wood stick or metal nail file (use the longer end) to gently clean the sides of the nail bed and well as the inside corners of the nail. You can also use a dull-edged toothpick. If you have a cuticle clipper and you are confident, you gently push back the cuticle too. Dry everything well with a towel and then apply a base coat onto the nails by taking a big dollop of varnish onto the brush and spreading evenly by flattening it out in the middle of the nail. Without lifting the brush, drag it to first one side and then the other so as to not leave lines.

Muscle Pain

Walking strenuously can cause muscle pains now and then. You can relieve the pain by massaging the foot with oil. Take a few drops of oil and gently massage it onto the foot using short, circular movements. Press down hard with your thumbs so you can feel it. Use the same movement around the toes as well. Then move onto the ankle and lower leg. Switch to longer circular movements where one hand is massaging down while the other hand is pulling up. Alternate between short and longer motions and never take your hands off the leg.

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