Fitting In To The Box That Men Have Placed Us In For Centuries

From time immemorial, women have been regarded by men as the weaker sex even though it was the women that were giving birth to them and although time has changed that to a certain extent where women are now able to take on jobs that were reserved for men in previous years and such, we still suffer from the gender pay gap and we are still victims of sexual harassment on the streets and when a woman is raped, the first question that is asked is still what she was wearing or if she had been drinking before the incident occurred. 

Sexism and the media

The media plays a big role in trying to shove women in to that tight box that they are supposed to stay in. When you turn on the television or turn the pages of a fashion magazine, you will rarely see a woman that looks anything but a size zero and much of the time, these pictures are edited as well. The sad reality is that due to this, many young people are facing mental health issues because the media and everyone around them humiliates them and pouts them down for looking different from what the media and society tells them to look like. It often goes so far as to make women invest their hard earn money on dangerous cosmetic injections in an attempt to look like what the media tells them they should look likea and deliver exceptional results.

A woman who is bigger than a size zero and is not exactly what she has been told to look like will often have to face abusive comments on the street and on social media.The sad reality is that it is not just these women but any woman who faces abuse and often, it is not even considered abuse. If you consider the practice of women shaving their legs or investing money in laser hair removal Brisbane to get rid of the hair growth on their legs on their under arms because women are made fun off and made to feel embarrassed for having hair growth on their bodies even though it is only natural.It is amusing that men who have the same hair growth in the exact same places are not considered unhygienic for having hair growth. It has been drilled in to women so much that even they themselves are embarrassed when they accidentally forget to shave their legs or if they go out with their arm pits slightly unshaven.

Danielle Chambers