Daily Habits That End Up Affecting Your Teeth Badly

We all have our quirks and habits that make up our personality. Although some may be already aware, there are habits that end up becoming an issue for our health and happiness. Most who end up discovering these issues and especially if they are getting in the way of what’s good end up getting rid of those habits. But for those who might be unaware, here are some of the habits and quirks that end up affecting your goal of having shiny white teeth.

Biting your nails

Biting your nails are bad for your teeth and also your cuticles. When you are biting off the parts of your nail you slowly chip off at your teeth when your teeth impact as the jaw slowly grinds. It is severely advises against placing your jaw protruding out as it affect the teeth when pressure is placed on your teeth. There are multiple methods to make you stay away from your nails such as bitter tasting and foul smelling nail polish, stress reduction techniques like meditation and exercising. You can also do better if you identify the situations where you are unconsciously compelled to bite your nails as a reaction to a circumstance. 

Brushing with your might

Although you may have seen it displayed on your local dental clinic or across many billboards, brushing too hard is bad for your teeth. According to professionals, two minutes of brushing and on a basis of twice a day is enough to keep your teeth good. Hard toothbrushes, or just using too much pressure on your teeth will end up removing the safety enamel of your teeth. This will result in multiple cavities, and sometimes even injury to the gums.

Clenching teeth and grinding teeth

Many people end up grinding teeth or clenching them when they get angry as a reaction to a bad scenario or unconsciously when sleeping. Although doing it occasionally and when you get really angry cannot be helped, doing it consciously (or get angry too frequently) will end up getting you the same result of injured teeth. Any professional dentist in St Albans will let you know that when you end up grinding or clenching teeth will end up cracking off and chipping off pieces of your teeth, it can also cause joint pain and muscle tenderness. Do regular relaxing exercises for your body or use safety items like mouth guards when sleeping.

Try not eating hard items or constantly using your teeth for opening things like beer bottles; or by the end of the year the bottom of your teeth will be gone. Use regular habits for keeping your teeth healthy and make sure to eat healthy as well.

Danielle Chambers